goat cheese crostini with preserved lemon, honey, and smoked paprika

I won’t admit to you how many of these toasts I ate in the name of “recipe development.” Never mind that the recipe has only 5 ingredients (minus the salt)… I had to get the ratios “just right” and of course that meant making this over, and over, and over. I assembled a large platter of these for a few guests the other night and was relieved that my gluttony was vindicated, because my dear friends practically inhaled them and asked for more. Either that or Patrick paid them to make me feel good about my latest recipe…but I choose to believe the former.


It almost feels like stealing (putting a recipe out there with goat cheese and honey), nothing new under the sun in that regard. But the preserved lemon, smoked paprika, and finishing salt bring this traditional appetizer from mundane to heavenly. One of the best parts is that it only takes minutes to assemble. I highly recommend making your own preserved lemons and having them on hand, but in case you want to make this recipe tonight (and how could I blame you, after the way I’m drooling right now all over my keyboard), know that you can also buy them at many grocery stores.



makes 8 crostini

8 slices of a rustic baguette, (about ½ of a baguette)
6 oz goat cheese
1/3 cup honey
1 tablespoon preserved lemon, minced (optional but highly recommended)*
smoked paprika, for garnishing**
flaky salt, like Maldon, for garnishing

Toast the slices of your rustic baguette until light brown. Spread goat cheese onto the toasts (don’t be shy in your spreading). Evenly distribute the preserved lemon between the toasts. Drizzle the toasts generously with honey, lightly sprinkle on smoked paprika, and finish with several pinches of flaky salt over all the toasts. Taste and see if the toasts are in need of more paprika or salt.

*if you don’t have any preserved lemon and cannot find any at the store, whip or whisk your goat cheese with a tablespoon or two of fresh lemon juice!

**If you cannot find smoked paprika at the store then regular paprika will substitute just fine

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