appetizers & sides

apple bites three ways: butterscotch’d, bacon’d, and brie’d
burrata with grilled peaches
cranberry sauce with rosemary, port, and figs
cumin and curry popcorn
dijon and balsamic brussels sprouts
goat cheese crostini with preserved lemon, honey, and smoked paprika
grilled corn with chili-lime butter, Cotija, and herbs
gruyère and thyme sweet potato soufflé
hazelnut granola
holiday spiced zucchini bread
jalapeño coleslaw
roasted cumin carrots with cardamom yogurt sauce
rosemary apple pecan stuffing
serrano pico de gallo
sherry and mushroom green bean casserole
spicy garlic deviled eggs
stone fruit salad with cardamom and crème fraîche
sweet and salty pumpkin seeds
truffled avocado toast